Will there be [Covid 3rd wave] in India?

Covid 3rd wave

As a citizen of India, you might know what is the current situation of Covid in India. If we go through data of last week, on average more than 2.5 lakh patients and 1800 deaths are happening every day. Covid’s 2nd wave is rapidly increasing in India with less oxygen and vaccines left. 😩😪😫

Following are the top 10 states which are hit by Covid 2nd wave:-

1) Maharashtra

2) Uttar Pradesh

3) Tamil Nadu

4) Gujarat 

5) Karnataka

6) West Bengal

7) Assam

8) Rajasthan

9) Andhra Pradesh 

10) Chattisgarh 

Only in the state of Maharashtra every day 1/3rd cases are found and deaths. Also, in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, and West Bengal where elections are just finished their cases are increasing by 500 to 600 %.👎👎

So the question that arises here is Will there be Covid 3rd wave in India? 

Before answering this question let’s discuss the symptoms and precautions of the disease. 


1) Loss of smell

2) Headache😲

3) Muscle pain

4) Difficulty in breathing

5) Cough

6) Fever

7) Throat pain

8) Chills

These symptoms start after 2 days to 1 week as soon as Virus enters our body.


1) Use of Mask😷😷

2) Social distancing

3) No touching of Objects

4) Use of Sanitizer

5) Bathing two times a day

6) Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

7) Last but not least the best solution is staying home. 

Covid 2nd Wave: March – April 

  • At the start of 2021, I don’t think any Indian thought there might be the 2nd wave in India. Everyone was busy in their personal life. Big marriages started taking place, theatres opened, malls opened. Also, elections started taking place in some states. 

  • Also, Delhi witnessed Farmer’s protest with a gathering of 4-5 lakh people at one place. While this was going people didn’t follow any covid guidelines given by Govt. No precautions were taken by people. 

  • Also due to illiteracy in rural parts of India, many citizens had symptoms but they choose to be at home rather than going to hospitals. Also, the Govt of India had to do marketing for vaccines. 

  • Data says till March end only 4.3 % of Indians took the vaccine. This is very bad where we had vaccines in Feb only. 

Following were the main 5 seasons for Covid 2nd wave in India:-

1) Elections and campaigning

2) Cultural and Religion events⛳🚩

3) Protests and Satyagraha

4) Ignoring covid and not following guidelines

5) Overconfidence of both people and Govt.

Covid 3rd Wave: May – June

  • Current ongoing data and experts say that there might be Covid 3rd wave in 2021 itself. Yesterday on 20th April there were 2,94,290 cases and 2020 deaths.

  • These figures are enough to say viruses are increasing rapidly in India. Also, we had elections in 5 states. Many people are affected badly and have many symptoms.  

  • If we think that we should not get rolled out in the 3rd wave then we should follow precautions given by Govt. Also, vaccination is compulsory strictly. The Government has taken good decisions on vaccination for the above 18 years of age.

  • If you belong to Northeast states or some states which don’t have many cases, then spread awareness in them regarding the 2nd and 3rd wave. You have a good opportunity to save your states from this Covid 3rd wave. 

  • States govt and the Central govt are planning for some big decisions. If any decision like lockdown comes please support the government. 

Why Lockdown is Important?

1) It breaks the chain of transmitting the virus.👏👏

2) Social distancing automatically takes place.

3) In Lockdown strict rules are followed by people due to the police.

4) Due to lockdown hospitals can work efficiently.

5) Also there is an improvement is the health of the individual

6) Family togetherness can make you happy mentally 

7) Big break from pollution activities.

As citizens of India, what should we do? 

1) We should follow all government guidelines given by the state and central. ✌✌✌

2) Also we should take the vaccine as early as possible.

3) We should stay at home and be safe.

4) Eat healthily and avoid junk and oily food.

5) If you have symptoms, do the covid test as soon as possible. 

State Wise Analysis:

Here we will give the total data of corona from Feb 2020 in India. 

1) Maharashtra:

40 lakh cases and 61000 deaths till now. 

2) Gujarat:

4,20,000 cases till now 5600 deaths.

3) Kerala:

13 lakh and 5000 deaths till now. 

4) Karnataka:

12 lakh and 14000 deaths till now. 

5) Tamil Nadu:

10 lakh and 14000 deaths till now. 

6) Uttar Pradesh

9 lakh cases and 10000 till now. 

7) West Bengal:

& lakh cases and 10000 deaths till now. 

8) Andhra Pradesh:

10 lakh cases and 8000 deaths till now. 

9) Delhi:

9 lakh cases and 12000 deaths till now. 

10) Chattisgarh:

5.5 lakh cases and 6000 deaths till now. 

In these data, we can see that these states are badly hit by Covid 1st and now 2nd wave.

Experts say that Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh are states where Covid 3rd wave can occur. 

Also, states, where just elections have passed, are kept on watch. 

Elections – Cultural Events:

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 main valid reasons why the 2nd wave came. Also, the country is on the way to covid’s 3rd wave too. But extremely bad decisions were elections and religious events.

These two are events where people are emotionally attached to feelings. Politicians are worshipped like gods in our country. Then how come people will let their god get defeated. This was the biggest for big rallies and everything. 

Also when Kumbh Mela started in UP, thereafter Muslim people gather in Ajmer. Also, other religious people started gathering their holy places. This type of competition among religions had affected us till now and in the future too. 

Death Rate:

When last year covid came to India, everyone was afraid. The only thing which boosted energy in Indian was its very low death rate. Covid 1st wave had a death rate of 1.5 to 2. Also, people dying were from the age category above 50. 

Some of those who were dying had some other big diseases currently or earlier. Covid 2nd wave which is ongoing has the same death rate of 1.5 to 2 %. But the problem here is that young generation people are dying here. That’s most shocking here.  

Experts and DR said that if Covid 3rd wave comes then it might target small kids below 20 age group. So lockdown is necessary for them. The death rate can also increase as this virus is dangerous in terms of 1st one.

Never forget that hantavirus and some other 2-3 viruses were also introduced with coronavirus. We need to think about it also. 

covid 3rd wave
source: worldometers.info 


As per reports, only 4.3 % of Indians vaccinated 1st dose of Covexin. So it’s my humble request to take the vaccine as early as possible. It creates power in you and your immunity gets increased. This will bring power in you to fight Covid and some infections too.

Name of some famous vaccines:-

1) Covexin (Indian)👌👌👌

2) Sputnik V

3) Covishield

4) Pfizer-BioNTech

5) Moderna

6) RNA

7) Whole Virus Vaccine

Indians should go with Covexin and be given by the Indian Govt. 

Effects of Lockdown:

1) Loss in Economy

2) Small business has got destroyed

3) No startups

4) Make in India has reduced so much

5) Human behavior has changed

Country Economy and Digital Business:

We all know our country was affected most by demonetization and Covid. The economy was destroyed by it as everything was stopped with a single decision. 

So I would suggest an age group of 12-40 people that start thinking or passive income. The 2nd and 3rd waves have come so you should also start thinking of a 2nd and 3rd income source.

Sources say that countries like the USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, and China have digital income from their citizens. It helps countries in situations like pandemic, wars, and demonetization.

Learn some best courses, skills and start earning in a couple of weeks. Following are some ideas to learn and earn digitally. This will help you directly and indirectly to your country. 

1) Blogging

2) Youtube Channel

3) Affiliate Marketing

4) Freelancing

5) Content Writing

6) Website Development

7) App development

8) Stock Market

9) Mutual Funds

10) Cryptocurrencies

11) Influencer Marketing

12) Ads Campaign

13) Video Marketing

14) Transcribing

15) Graphic Design

These are 15 skills you can pursue. Do their basic course via youtube for free. After learning skills practice them better and then work on them. I guarantee you, you will earn a good income after some time.


Here only we can say that Covid 3rd wave is on its way. Please be at home and be safe. Follow all guidelines of central as well as state govt. 

Do vaccination compulsory to increase immunity. Start your online business. This will make you rich with passive income and help the country’s economy indirectly.

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