How to fix bugs in Power BI Report?

Following are ways to fix bugs in our power bi report: Check whether new incremental data was loaded properly or not. Check Modelling properly and its all relationship. Try to build it again. Check all measures properly and DAX in it. Check the Calendar table and date column for a min to max date and … Read more

How to make Power BI Report Performance wise better?

Following are ways how you can make your power bi report performance-wise better. Our Power BI Report must be less size as publishing, refreshing, and deployment it will take less time.   Use Measure instead of Calculated Column. Import only tables which are needed from the database. Use Import Mode rather than Direct Query Use … Read more

Power BI – SQL Interview Questions

The following are questions that are asked in Power BI – SQL Interview Questions: Data Warehousing Concepts: 1)OLTP  vs  OLAP 2)Normalization & its types 3)Slowly Changing Dimensions 4)Types of Facts & Dimensions 5)Types of Keys 6)Types of Tables 7)What is ETL? 8)Types of Analysis 9)What is a Relational Database? 10) What is Data Warehousing & … Read more

Secret behind Why Modi is Winning majority elections since 2012

Why Modi is Winning? If we go through the data of elections since 2012 only whether it is Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha, we will find that BJP has won more elections rather than Congress. So here the question arises Why Modi is Winning? After my deep study about Indian Politics, I have found 5 … Read more

Ultimate Guide on Education Commission in India in 2022

Education Commission in India Intro: Education Commission in India was formed on July 14, 1964, under the chairmanship of Daulat Singh Kothari. The commission was popularly known as Kothari Commission. The purpose of this Commission was to examine all the aspects of the educational institutions in India and generate guidelines and policies for the development … Read more