Mauryan Empire :- Origins, Governing, Asoka, Budhhism, Stupas and Timeline.

Mauryan Empire:- In 322 BC, a young nobleman and great warrior, called Chandragupta Maurya, overthrew the foreign governors installed in western India by Alexander the Great. Chandragupta and his successors then formed the Mauryan Empire, by uniting almost the whole of India, Afghanistan, and what is now Pakistan, as one great nation for the first … Read more

Know all about United Nations

Know all about the United Nations United Nations after World War 2  It was founded right after World War 2 same as League of Nations after World War 1 for many reasons taken forward. The primary reason was for International Peace in the World as in both wars World lost many things just due to … Read more

Buddhism :- Teachings, Branches, Rites and Ceremonies, Temples.

Buddhism:- Teachings, Branches, Rites and Ceremonies, Temples. Overview of Buddhism:- The Buddhist faith was founded by an Indian nobleman called Gautam Siddhartha in the 6th century BC. Gautama, who became known as the Buddha, or the “Awakened One“, told people how to achieve fulfillment.  He taught that fulfillment is reached by mediation, wisdom, and correct … Read more

Gupta Empire:- Sensational History, Founder, Facts, Timeline, Art-4th Century

Gupta Empire

Gupta  Empire:- History, Founder, Facts, Timeline, Art and literature   History Overview At the beginning of the fourth century, India was made up of a number of separate kingdoms. In 320, Chandragupta 1, ruler of Magadha, who was named after the warlike Mauryan ruler, took over the neighboring kingdom to found the Gupta Empire. Under … Read more

World War 2 :- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date

World War 2:- Facts, Summary, Causes, Timeline, Participants, Date  World War 2 is also known as the Global War or Total War. Global War or Total War was the so-called common man to suffered a lot and also participated in it. Some said Sino Japanese war of 1937 was the main reason for it. Date … Read more