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Biography of Fearless Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb – 27 Jan

Anand Dighe


Anand Dighe was also known as ‘Guruvarya Dharmaveer Anand Dighe Saheb’. He was born on 27 January 1951 at Tembhi Naka in Thane. Soon when he became matured there was the rise of Shivsena. Shivsena fought for the rights of Marathi manus in Maharashtra esp Mumbai and Thane. ✌✌✌


  • His parents were from a simple typical Marathi manus family. So they used to do either jobs or farming in their village. His father’s name was Chintamani Dighe.
  • Balasaheb used to visit Thane and gave the best speeches which attracted a small Anand towards him and his party.
  • So at a small age, Anand was attached to Shivsena and its ideology. So he was not much interested in studies or business.
  • Till his end, he was a follower of Marathi Nationalism, Hindutva, and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  • His zodiac sign was Aquarius.


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Started working for Shivsena:


  • In the 1970s when he was just 18+ when he started working as a karyakarta for Shivsena. He used to visit Sena Bhavan in his area and worked for the welfare of people. When at 18 age everyone was busy in taking college education small Anand worked for Sena and welfare of people
  • This attracted Sena leaders towards him. Old Shivsainiks says that he was quite disciplined and used to follow prime time management. He was involved in many Andolan of Sena at that time and fought for Marathi manus.
  • At that small age, he got many cases on him. He was never feared of anything. So he got famous among the Thakre family. Soon he got vice-taluka pramukh post and then vice-zilla pramukh to Zilla pramukh. 
  • An interesting fact is that when he got Zila Pramukh nobody dared to take that post from him till his death. He was district chief for more than 2 decades. ???
  • He never liked to give speeches and take credits.

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